Cambridge English Young Learners 2018 exam update.

[:en]As an academy, we receive more updates than teachers do. So I will be posting some of them on this blog to help teachers who read it (if any hehehe) and our own teachers. The aim of this blog was to serve as a site for news and tips for TEFL teachers in Madrid.
So, here’s the first piece of news for teachers.

Cambridge English have updated their Young Learners exams at the start of 2018 (as they announced they would last year). Many here probably teach these exams, and we already did an article on them. But I think all of us will find it useful to at least be informed of what has been modified this month.

You can see a complete summary of the changes on this pdf and on this video:

But these are the main points:

  • Name change. Starters is now Pre A1 Starters , Movers is A1 Movers, Flyers is A2 Flyers.
  • Pre A1 Starters: ” There is a new Part 1 task for Listening, where learners match names to people. The Speaking paper now has four parts.”
  • A1 Movers: “The Reading and Writing paper now has 35 questions instead of 40. Learners are now asked to complete sentences, respond to questions and write sentences about a picture. Listening has a new task, matching pictures with illustrated words or names. Learners will now also be asked their name and age at the start of the Speaking test.”
  • A2 Flyers: “have to write a short story in the Reading and Writing paper, and will be asked their name, family name and age at the start of the Speaking test”.

The changes are explained on this video too:




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