After more than 12 years in the teaching business in Madrid we have noticed the following things:

  • foreign teachers coming to Spain all face the same problems and have the same questions.
  • There is little to no help available online. Just a few websites with bits of useful information on each.
  • Everyone: teachers, academies, schools and clients, would benefit if things were easier or done faster.

So, we decided to try to help and create Teachersmadrid.es. A website for all teachers in Madrid for them to:

  • try to gather all the information in one site for easy and quick reference by teachers and centers.
  • Allow academies to post advertisements (with a quarterly fee).
    A nice way for teachers to find them.
  • Provide a forum for teachers to ask questions, do networking and help each other.

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Holidays: paid monthly vs paid at the end of the contract

Today I am going to write about a sensitive subject which I’ve wanted to write about for months. I will try to introduce the whys as best as I can, but I’m not a writer…so forgive me if finally I don’t manage to express the problem and solutions corretly. However, I think it is an […]

Update to the IX Convenio Colectivo Nacional de Enseñanza y Formación no Reglada

We’ve just received news that on the 5th of August there was an update to our lastest labour agreement (the IXth), and I wanted to share it with you all. You can access the update through this link (web version) https://www.boe.es/eli/es/res/2022/07/19/(13) or go directly to the pdf version of the BOE of the 5th of […]

Paro in fijo discontinuo contracts: the “right of option” (derecho de opción).

Fijo discontínuo contracts, the contracts most of you should be working under if you don’t have a “contrato fijo”, allow teachers to demand their unemployment benefits if they have a right to them (if they have worked for more than a year) during the summer (or any other period of inactivity). But, when teachers go […]

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About us

Teachers Madrid is a web site created by Smyth Academy.


The aim of Teachers Madrid is to provide professionals who come to Madrid and want to start teaching, with as much information, links and resources as possible. In a nutshell, to ease the difficult period between arriving and starting to work for a school or academy.

Madrid has certain peculiarities which can drive a foreigner crazy…but which will, with time, become part of why you love this city.

Please send us any suggestions you have to improve this site, you, teachers, know better than us what might be useful for other collegues.

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