Salary revision for the IX Convenio of Enseñanza No Reglada

A few days ago, 25th of October 2023, a new salary revision for our current labour agreement (IX Convenio de Enseñanza No Reglada) came out. It’s not the first revision, and they keep coming up nearly every year for as long as the new labour agreement is signed (they don’t seem to come to an agreement on certain issues.

It can be read here:

It contains a table of new base salaries for employees, effective from January 2023 (so payslips have to be reviewed and any difference paid).

Companies have 2 months, from the date the BOE was published, to pay any differences in salary.

“Las empresas dispondrán de un plazo de dos meses, desde la publicación en el BOE de la presente revisión salarial para hacer efectivos los atrasos que en su caso puedan corresponder.”

I haven’t really checked the amount for each category, but as a curiosity, we’ve received a notice from the Social Security about the need to pay this difference in 10 days or we would get fined (this is how I learned about the update of the Convenio). The enormous amount which caused the Social Security to send a threatening notice was…… 0,67€

Ridiculous…but this is what having a business in Spain implies. You are always kept on your toes with notices and fines.

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