IX Convenio colectivo de enseñanza y formación no reglada. 9th labour agreement for TEFL.

On the 22nd of July 2021, CECAP, CECE, ACADE-FECEI , ANCED, FECCOO and various other organisations signed our latest labour agreement:

IX Convenio colectivo de enseñanza y formación no reglada

They also signed the salary tables for this document. The “convenio” is valid until de 22 of December of 2022. It was published on the BOE on the 28th of October of 2021.

I recommend ALL TEACHERS to read the labour agreement carefully. It is the legal frame which defines our rights and duties. And most questions I see from teachers can be answered with a careful read of this document.

You can access the “convenio” online through this link, or on our website on this link:

The main topics which were treated where:

  • Salaries were declared frozen for 2020.
  • The base salary was raised 1,5% on 2021. This rise will have to be effective in the following 3 months after the day the BOE was published and implies a payment of the quantities from the previous months.
  • The base salary will be raised 2% on 2022.
  • Works now will only be given a 25 day prior notice when they are made redundante (versus de 30 day notice we had before).
  • Teachers will have 15 paid hours a year to dedicate to going to the doctor, or to take their under 12 year old childer, or legally dependent family members to the doctor.
  • The terms  Profesor/a Axiliar o adjunto and Profesor Auxiliar “on line have been redefined.
  • The convenio has been modified to adapt to the new laws on Teleworking and Equality.
  • Contracts were adapted to our current legislation.

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