Second Meeting of Academy Owners: 16th of October.

So, as promised, next Friday we will be having the second meeting of Academy Owners (A.O.). I’v been very pleased by both the positive feedback of the first meeting, and the amount of new requests I’ve received this week. As I said to some: “great! The more the merrier”. Thank you to everyone. In order […]

COVID-19 protocols for academies in Spain.

The school year is finally starting, and academies are gradually opening their face to face classes. But if schools, having the government, and “comunidades autónomas” behind, still don’t know what protocols to follow, imagine academies (who don’t have anyone to support them). Because, as I’ve said many times here, language associations have been absent for […]

The AEPD reminds us that asking if a candidate has had COVID-19 goes against the Spanish data protection law.

Most teachers will be sending CVs to future employers for the next academic year. And many centers are doing their interviews now. During these interviews, due to our current situation, some companies are not taking into account the data protection law. The AEPD, Spanish Data Protection Agency, has just published an article about interviews, candidates […]