Net or Gross salary?

[:en]One of the main questions that arise when we have an interview with a new teacher is: is the rate you are offering net or gross?
Which is understandable, because people need to know exactly how much they are going to get paid each month.

The quick answer is we always give gross rates in per hour contracts . Not because we want to, but because that’s how the financial advisors give us the rates when we ask for them. And there is a sound reason for it.

In full or part time contracts the number of hours is fixed. So you can calculate the taxes for those hours. So it is easy to provide a net amount. Self employed teachers pay their own taxes so again it is easy for them to calculate how much they are going to get at the end of the month.

But in per hour contracts, the most common, a teacher can start with 10 hours per week and end up doing 25. Or viceversa. And taxes depend on the number of hours so we can’t give an exact net amount.

However, you can calculate that, in these type of contracts, the net amount per hour is 1-2€ less than the gross quantity. So if you are offered 15€ gross per hour, it can be anything from 13-14,5€ per hour, again depending on the hours worked that month.



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