Vida laboral. A great tool for employees to avoid being ripped off by employers

[:en]I’ve been reading on various online groups about teachers who, after some time working for an academy, had gone to get their unemployment and discovered their employers had not declared the right number of hours they had worked. This is done to avoid paying taxes. It is obviously illegal and can have a huge impact on the employee when he wants to request his benefits.

How can an teacher make sure this is not happening? This is what I want to explain today.

What is the Vida Laboral report.

In Spain it is really easy for employees to request a Vida Laboral. It is a report on your work history and states exactly the days you started to work for a company, the hours you worked for them, the number of worked days the Social Security has record of for each work, and the total number of days you have contributed to the social security.

So it allows workers to check:

  •  if an employer has registered him/her at the Social Security and the date.
  • The number of hours an employeer is declaring that a worker works for him.
  • The number of days one has worked for a company (important for holidays and employment benefits, we will talk about this another day).
  • Number or total worked days, which is important for your pension.

How to request a Vida Laboral or Working Life report.

There are various ways. You have to go to this web page (in English) and:

  • access with a digital certificate if you have one.
  • With a username and password if the Social Security has provided you with them.
  • Access with the Cl@ve password system (useful if you don’t have a digital certificate).
  • Access without a certificate filling in the information they request in the form.
  • If you know your affiliation number, your NIE and the Social Security have them in their systems, you can request to receive an SMS code.

Irregardless of the method you use, you can access the report online and even print it out or download it in a pdf format.

Please, make use of this tool as many times as you have to. And make sure your hours are properly registered in the Social Security.






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