Video (in Spanish) where I explain my view about native teachers.

I have already written about this subject, and it is a delicate one. But whenever a client in Spain asks for a language teacher, they always add “I suppose the teacher is native, isn’t he?”.

I have shared the views of non native teachers and their approach to work, I have written about job ads and the use of the word native, and have even shared a fantastive interview on this from people who’s opinion has a much greater weight than mine.

But we still get people asking for native teachers.

And, please, let me make this very clear. I have nothing against native teachers. I just don’t think the word native has any benefit when describing a teacher. I want people to look for professional teachers…not natives.

So, as most of our clients are Spanish, I had to explain this in their language.

I hope you like it.


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