How to increase the volume of your videos with Shotcut. Online Tips and Tricks.

One of the things that has been made clear in our recent meetings of academy owners is that we all need and welcome help. After working in this for a while. everyone acquires knowledge in something, knowledge which migh help others.
So many of us have decided to share it (we all learned through someone else).

I have shared his tip for online teaching many times, both to Spanish and English collegues. It improves online content, videos in this case, a thousandfold …and it is free.

When I started recording videos for my online channels, the audio was incredibly low. I still have many videos like that on my Youtube channel (I can’t modify them because I would lose views and likes). So I started to look for possible solutions to this and everyone recommended different types of professional microphones.  But I don’t feel comfortable carrying a device around while I am speaking.

I then tried out to increase the audio with video editing software, expecting to get a lot of echo or noise. To my surprise the results were excellent, no echo or noise, and the process takes no more than five minutes. It is something I do now on all my videos.

I show here how to do it with Shotcut, my main video editing software (free for Windows, Mac and Linux).

I hope it helps.

¡More tips to come soon!


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