Second Meeting of Academy Owners: 16th of October.

So, as promised, next Friday we will be having the second meeting of Academy Owners (A.O.).

I’v been very pleased by both the positive feedback of the first meeting, and the amount of new requests I’ve received this week. As I said to some: “great! The more the merrier”. Thank you to everyone.

In order to use the 60 minutes (yes, it has been increased) of the meeting as efficiently as possible I have suggested we should restrict each meeting to a certain topic. There are so many things to talk about, we can very easily spend all the meeting just digressing.

We will use the last 10 minutes of the meeting to decide on the next topi. But, as we didn’t do so before, this will be the topic on Friday, with a list of possible subtopics to talk about:


  • Do we need a physical academy in the “online teaching” era?
  • Pros and cons. of having a venue.
  • Other options: a) business centers b) hiring classrooms to other academies …
  • Legal requirements in Spain for academies a) without students under 16 b) with students under 16.
  • Safety meassures for the COVID-19
  • At street level or offices.

Time should be used as following.

  • 5-7 minutes for (short) introductions and presentations.
  • 45 min for the topics.
  • 5 minutes to decide on the topic for the next meeting.
  • 5 minutes to say goodbye.


  •       The afternoon meeting will be from 17.00-18:00 (I can move this a bit if most prefer to do it later).
  • If someone wants a meeting in the morning (around 10.00-11:00) please get in contact with us and  we can probably arrange one (I can’t but Rebecca might).

How to contact us:

We need confirmation for the meetings. But as we are starting this I haven’t been able to think about a common contact point. So for now please:

  • Send confirmation to with the session you want to attend to.
  • You can also reply to the post on the A.O. Facebook group.

We will send you the link to each meeting.

See you on Friday!

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