TEFL: maybe it is time to STOP accepting jobs without a contract and to start choosing the right company.

We have all received a blow with this unexpected pandemia. But I am one to extract positive conclusions from even crisis such as this one.

I’ve been saying for a long time now, that the way teachers are being hired:

  • often without a contract (what some call “B money” or “money under the table”)
  • with rates that do not follow the labour agreement (and so are not covered by it)
  • with contracts that are not suitable for teaching and do not cover teachers correctly
  • chosing companies just because they pay more per hour,  regardless of other points like business ethics,

is one of the main reasons why TEFL cannot be considered a proper job in Spain.

Unfortunately, this crisis has left a lot of teacher with no unemployment benefits, no rights, without a job and completely defenseless. Again, the reasons above are the cause of all this.

Maybe the COVID-19 has shown us it is time to CHANGE. To stop accepting certain type of contracts (or no contract) just because they pay more. To start chosing the right company to work for, not just by sallary rate, but because they treat their employees as they should. Company ethics should be a plus.

If we want to avoid the same situation repeating itself, if we want TEFL to become a proper profession, I beleive this is the way forward.

We have a great opportunity through online teaching (my next video). But these core issues must be solved first… or we will be building our projects on feeble foundations.


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