A summary of the de-escalation process for academies. Coronavirus.

I’ve tried to unravel and translate the information we have up to this date about what they are calling the de-escalation phases for the coronavirus confinement. Not an easy process, and some details will change (they are modifying instructions daily) but I am sure many of you will find it handy.
As I don’t have much time (trying to row the boat and pump out water to try and sail through this storm is not easy), I’m going to post it in a summarized form.

I will try to keep this as updated as possible.

Official Document for reference. You can check the official document we base this article on here. Beware, it does say “PREVISIÓN ORIENTATIVA (…)”, so we must take everything with a pinch of salt. But we do have to base our next moves on some information.

Remember that those academies which are “enseñanza no reglada” (most of us) will go under “COMERCIO MINORISTA Y ACTIVIDADES DE PRESTACIÓN DE SERVICIOS” and not “EDUCACIÓN, UNIVERSIDADES” which are “enseñanza reglada” and follow another schedule.


The process has been organised in 4 phases. Remember that if anything goes wrong during any of these phases, the dates will change or we might even be retraced to a previous phase.:

  • Phase 0:  Planned to start on the 4th of May in most of Spain. Minimum duration 1 week.
  • Phase 1:  Minimum duration 2 weeks. Provisional date: 11th of May.
  • Phase 2:  Minimum duration 2 weeks. Provisional date: 25th of May.
  • Phase 3:  Minimum duration 2 weeks. Provisional date: 8th of June.


Academies and private teaching centers.

Phase 0.

  • Online teaching and teleworking.
  • If teleworking is not possible we can work at the office (closed to the public) but following safety measures.
  • We can open to meet clients individually with prior appointments.
  • Any meeting has to be done behind a screen or counter. Or at least keeping hte maximum safety measures possible for everyone.
  • Masks and gloves are compulsory when workers have to come in contact with clients.

Phase 1.

  • Basically the same. We are still recommended to telework. We can go to the office if this is not possible, following the necessary safety measures and just for administrative work.

Phase 2.

  • Academies can open. We still don’t have more details  than:”Apertura de los centros educativos y de formación (autoescuelas,academias, etc.) que no estén incluidos en los apartados de Educación y Ciencia.  Se establecerán las medidas d distanciamiento, higiene y protección oportunas.
  • Venue capacity is limited to 40% and students and teachers have to be at a distance of at least 2 meters.

Phase 3.

  • Venue capacity is limited to 50%.
  • Classes can be taught but keeping a distance between teachers and students of at least 2 meters.



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