Rates for TEFL teachers in Madrid. Working on your own vs working for an academy.

I opened this blog three years ago with two objectives:

  1. To avoid having to explain the same things time and time again to new teachers. By writing articles about common questions, I can resend the link and save time (where has all that “free time” gone, I don’t know). Other teachers might find these explanations useful too, and that is an added bonus.
  2. To try and bring the views of teachers and academies closer. Sometimes I think there is a huge chasm of anger and mistrust between us, which wasn’t there 10 years ago. And it’s mostly due to lack of information (and mistreatment) from both sides.

I’ve received feedback from readers which seems to indicate my articles help some people. But I still see a lot of posts online with opinions which, to me, make absolutely no sense.

The recent posts I’ve read showed teachers were angry by some of the rates published in ads, and they were implying they earn more money working on their own, so would not accept less from academies…… ??????

I’ve decided to make a video about rates and the differences of working on your own and working for an academy.

I hope it helps. Comments and requests are “welcome”  (not all…just some).

PD: sorry for the sound editing, I do these things quickly while I edit other online teaching videos and the quality is not perfect.




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