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Salary tables 2018-2019 for the eighth labour agreement for “enseñanzas no regladas”.

In a previous article we shared the labour agreement which affects us, as teachers of “enseñanzas no regladas” (non-regulated teaching).
Salaries for this agreement have been recently reviewed, and I want to share these new salary tables here, as a reference for all.

I am, however, very aware that this will not affect many teachers. Most do not even know that these salary scales exist, and that teachers can be promoted in an academy. For three reasons:

  • Academies very rarely make use of these salary grades or teaching posts. Most will pay as little as they can (or that is the sensation teachers get).
  • TEFL prices are normally way over the “convenio”. So there is no way to, then, go back to these grades, when the convenio is being ignored the moment a teacher is hired.
  • Teachers do not stay long enough in an academy to be able to receive these promotions.

All of these issues should be addressed, and our sector needs a huge revision both from academy owners and from teachers (with concessions from both parts). I am not hopeful this will happen to our sector as a whole, although some of us are doing it in our own micro environments (as  much as we can).

I am convinced if we want stable and professional teachers and teaching jobs, we need to use these kind of structures and grades. And for this, we need commited teachers (and academies).

These tables do not affect people who work for hours. But those of you who have part-time or full time jobs can see if they are earning what they legally should.

New 2018- 2019 salary tables.

You can download the document here. This is a screenshot of them.

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