Auxiliares de Conversación Extranjeros en España. An easy way to start working as a language assistant in Spain

[:en]If you are a member of the EU, working as a teacher in Spain is easy. You don’t need any special permit and you just have to get your NIE and Social Security number. But if you are from out of the EU, it is things get a bit more complicated.

Regardless of if you are a EU citizen or not, but specially if you are not, an easy option for future teachers in Spain is the program Auxiliares de conversación extranjeros en España from Profex. It’s aprogram for Language Assistants organized by the government, aimed for college graduates (up to 60 years of age) or students on their last year of college of the following countries (this might change, always check the link above for any changes):

Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium (French or English), Bulgaria (English), Canada (French or English), China, United States, Rusia, Philippines (English), Finland (English), France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg (English), Malta, Morocco (French), Norway (English), New Zealand, Netherlands (English), Portugal, United Kingdom and Sweden (English).

N.B.: I am sorry that all links and documents are in Spanish. It is something I will never understand, links, forms and documents for foreigners are written in Spanish. Which is of little help. Get used to it, Spain “is different” 😀

The application period is from January to April of each year, and the jobs they assign last from October to May (except the ones from the Comunidad de Madrid which go on until the end of June). You can choose from these regions (or counties).

You can read about the conditions here, but , in general terms, they will assign you to a school as a language assistant and you will get paid 700€ for a minimum of 12 hour a week (if you are offered more hours you will get paid more).

The advantages of this program are:

  • easy process (explained here in Spanish). Just :
    -go to web page ,
    -click on Auxiliares de conversación extranjeros en España
    – register.
    – Fill in your CV.
    – Apply for the program/job on the menu on the left (if the application period is not closed).
  • Profex will help you with the paperwork and assist you during all the process. As it’s the government, they will legalize your stay and make it easy for you.

If you are from a non EU country, this process will allow you to get to Spain legally, and teach here with a minimum salary for a few hours a week with little hassle.

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