[:en]Cambridge Directory of Authorised Exam Centres and Exam Venues[:]

[:en]Some of your students will be wanting to take a Cambridge exam some time soon. As a Cambridge Preparation Center we receive frequent updates from Cambridge and we just received their updated Directory of Authorised Exam Centres and Exam Venues.

I thought it might be useful to teachers and some of you might not have this information.

  • You can always look for an exam center online in Cambridge’s website.
  • However the pdf directory we received is very handy as it has all their centers grouped by Comunidad Autónoma. It also includes useful information such as: the localities where exam centres organise open sessions, the centre number of each exam centre, contact information and google map reference.

    – You can access the pdf here.
    – I have stored it here too, in case the previous link breaks.

Remember different centers might offer you different prices for the exams, or have different available dates or exams. So it’s always useful to check with more than one center if you can’t find a suitable date or exam.

I hope you all find it as useful as we do.



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