Would you be interested in an online meeting with academy owners and other teachers?

As I’ve said before (in this blog and on my youtube channel), I am convinced one of the main problems in TEFL is the lack of information.

Teachers and (surprisingly) academy owners, do not really understand all the legal framework (rights, duties and contracts), and career options we have in our business. So you get to hear a lot of “truths” which are not so, and anger from both sides because they haven’t been treated as they expected or thought they should.

So one of my aims, pre-confinement and during the confinement, has always been to share information.

Following this line, I’ve met in the last two years with various academy owners and have tried to contact as many teachers as possible. To try and hear all sides of the story.
It has always been in my mind to organise “question and answer” meetings with teachers. And I might have some time now.

The aim of the meeting would not only be to answer questions people might have, but also talk about our current situation, future options, ways to go forward etc.

Online meeting.

The idea would be to organise, if enough people are interested, an online meeting where we could talk about a set list of points (which would be decided if people show interest in the meeting).

I would organise it through our online video tool. We would set a date, time, list of topics and people would have to confirm they will attend the meeting.  If enough people are interested, we could make this a monthly event.

I’ve talked to some collegues from other academies and they would participate too, as I want this to be an open meeting.

I would act mainly as a moderator (and help giving my opinion were needed).

So here is the poll:


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